Come join us!

We are always interested in talented, motivated individuals to join the lab. Most of our research is technical--we build custom electronics, work with high-speed cameras and ultrasonic microphones and write custom computer programs for analyzing large datasets. 

While you don't have to be a trained computer programmer or electrical engineer to join the lab, some technical and computational competency is preferred, and an interest in these areas is required. We especially welcome individuals with diverse backgrounds that have traditionally been underrepresented in these fields. If you have the strong desire and motivation to succeed, you will be supported here. 

Most of our data collection is done in the field, especially during the summer at the Southwestern Research Station in Arizona. During the academic year, much of our work is done on computers and we are currently "teleocommuting" into the lab computers from home.


There are ongoing opportunities for students to do research in the lab for credit by signing up for Biol 4930 (with permission) from Dr. Corcoran. The course is worth 3 credits and fulfills an upper division elective requirement. I generally require 10 hours of work per week throughout the semester on a dedicated research project. These typically involve audio and/or video analysis of bat flight or bat echolocation. Positions are competitive.

Undergraduates interested in doing research in the Sensory and Movement Ecology lab should contact Dr. Corcoran by email to express their interest. 

Please provide the following:

  • Resume
  • Copy of your academic transcripts from UCCS
  • Describe why you'd like to join the lab.
  • Describe why you think you'd be a good fit for our research program, including any research experience you have and experience/interest working with computers and data analysis.

Master's students

I may have research funding to support a Master's student to join the lab in fall 2021. Please email me if you are interested in joining the lab. Include a description of why you want to do a Master's degree with me, why you'd be a good fit and include a copy of your resume/CV.

More info about the Master's program can be found here. Go to the "Graduate" tab and download the Biology Graduate Handbook. See pages 6 and 7 for information about applying.